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Instructor: Manage Grades

  1. Select Manage Section

      • Click the link to the Argos course; instructors will see a Manage Section button in the top right.mceclip0.png
  2. Access the Grading section

      • From the Manage Section page, scroll down to the Grading sectionmceclip1.png
  3. Manage LMS Gradebook: Set up Gradebook by Updating Line Items

      • We recommend setting up your Gradebook prior to students’ start, although this may be done at any time. This will add the gradable items from the Argos course to your LMS Gradebook. You may modify or remove them at any time. However, the benefit of creating this linkage before any students access the Argos course is that you can set your Gradebook up prior to the course start.
      • Note: If you have not taken this step, the first time a student completes a gradable item, this action will also set up the column in the Gradebook. Also note, scores are automatically returned from the Argos course to the LMS Gradebook as students work through the Argos course.
      • Note: Subsequent maintenance of the connection between the Argos course and your LMS Gradebook is done under Grades -> Manage Grades. For more details, see the KB article Instructor: Manage Grades
      • Prior to linking any items from the Argos Course, or the first student accessing and completing a gradable item, your Gradebook will not contain any linked items, and so the grade columns may be empty.mceclip2.png
      • After Updating Line Items, these will appear in the Gradebook.
      • Go to Grading -> then select Manage LMS Gradebook -> Update Line Items to create a column in your course gradebook for each gradable item in the Argos course.mceclip3.png
      • This will result in the gradable items being positioned in the order they are found in the course in your course gradebook.mceclip4.png
  4. Edit Grade Column Information

      • On the Total Column or each Gradable item column, select Edit Column Details.mceclip5.png
      • Argos will return a raw score for each gradable item out of the maximum available point total. You can change the column display from Points to another format.mceclip6.png
  5. Manage LMS Gradebook: Synchronize Grades

      • If you change the maximum score for a LMS gradebook line ifem after students have submitted an attempt, it is necessary to synchronize the OLI grades for that LMS gradebook item. This operation will overwrite any grades already in the LMS gradebook that you manually adjusted.

      • To complete this synchronization, go to Grading -> then select Manage LMS Gradebook -> Synchronize Gradesmceclip7.png
  6. Manage LMS Gradebook: Export Grades

      • To download all current grades as a .csv file, go to Grading -> then select Manage LMS Gradebook -> Export Grades or go to Grading -> then select Download Gradebook as .csv file.mceclip7.png
  7. View Grades

      • Go to Grading -> then select View Grades.

      • Prior to any students completing gradable items in the Argos course, no grades will be viewable. After each student completed an activity, it will show up here. This page will be the same as the information that is downloadable as a .csv file.mceclip8.png

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