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Instructor Guide: Manage Section


  1. The Manage Section button appears adding an Argos course to your Course section


  2. Manage Section Button: Key Functionality

      • In the Manage Section area, you can: (1) view instructors that have linked accounts for the course section on Argos; (2) customize or change the Argos curriculum; (3) set up time-based gating; (4) manage curricular updates, (5) view enrolled students, and (6) manage the linkage between the Argos course and the LMS gradebook.mceclip2.png
  3. Instructors: View Instructor

      • Under Instructors, you will see the names of instructors in your course section who are assigned as instructors of the course in Argos. This list may not be complete until each instructor in your course section accesses the Argos materials by clicking on them. This will link (or, create and then link) their instructor account with the course section in Argos, granting them instructor privileges in Argos.Screenshot_2021-12-28_3.22.14_PM.png
  4. Curriculum: customize or change the curriculum

      • To customize the curriculum by adding, removing and rearranging course materials, select Curriculum -> Customize Curriculum.
      • Use the buttons on each item to Move or Remove the item. Be sure to click Save before leaving the page or your changes will be lost.mceclip3.png
      • Click the Add Materials button to add new content to your existing materials. Select an item by clicking on it. When a new window pops up, select the checkbox next to the item you added and again click Add.mceclip4.png
      • In order to unlink Argos course materials from your course section, select Remove next to the “container,” then confirm you wish to remove it.
      • Note: If you wish to unlink all Argos course materials, first remove each “container,” then click Add Materials to link to new materials.mceclip5.png
      • In order to rearrange the order of Argos course materials from your course section, select Move next to the “container,” then select where you wish to move the item. Or, simply drag the item to place it in the correct order.Screenshot_2021-12-28_3.34.40_PM.png
  5. Curriculum: Gating and Scheduling (set up time-based access)

      • To control when students see any unit, page, or assessment, select Curriculum -> Gating and Scheduling, then select + New Gate.mceclip6.png
      • Select a Target Resource, set the Type dropdown to Scheduling, enter the start and end date, and click Create.
      • Note: Either the start date or end date may be left blank. mceclip7.png
      • Once the gate is created. It may be edited or deleted by clicking Edit.mceclip8.png
  6. Curriculum: Manage Updates

      • To see whether the course author has made any changes since your version of the Argos course materials were published, select Curriculum -> Manage Updates. You will be able to review all updates that can be applied to your version of the Argos course.==If you wish to apply the update, select Apply Update.mceclip9.png
      • If you wish to apply the update, select Apply Update.mceclip10.png
  7. Manage: View Enrolled Students

      • To see which students have begun working in the Argos course, select Manage -> View Enrolled Students. Students’ accounts are automatically created when they begin working in the Argos course. Even though they are enrolled in your section, they will not have an Argos student profile in your Argos course until they begin working in the course.

  8. Grading: Manage LMS Gradebook

      • Note: To view all grading functionality, see the KB article Instructor: Manage Grades.

      • Students’ grades in Argos will be returned to the LMS gradebook. This linkage can be managed by selecting Grading -> Manage LMS Gradebook-> Update Line Items to create a column in your course gradebook for each gradable item in the Argos course.

      • This will result in the gradable items being positioned in the order they are found in the course in your course gradebook.mceclip12.png


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