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Instructor Guide: Troubleshooting

  1. Where do I report an issue?

      • There are 2 places where you can report an issue.

      • First, in the Argos platform, there is a Help button in the upper right that you can use to create a support ticket.
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  2. I cannot connect to Argos (Inspark) courses from my Canvas section.

      • Your organization may not be registered with Argos. During integration, your LMS Admin will register your institution and then receive an email confirming approval (see LMS Admin guides for more information). mceclip2.png
      • At that point, Instructors can connect to Argos content from their Canvas section by clicking “Argos Torus” in the left navigation menu.mceclip3.png
  3. I cannot find the Argos (Inspark) course I wish to link to.

      • Your instructor account may not have been added to the Inspark Community yet, which will allow you to see and select the materials. This must be done by Inspark. Please enter a Support ticket so this can be addressed.mceclip4.png
  4. I cannot delete an Argos (Inspark) course title once it has been added to my course.

      • In order to Remove a course that you have already linked to, go to Manage Section -> Curriculum -> Customize Curriculum.mceclip5.png
      • From there you can remove materials, as well as add or move materials.mceclip6.png
  5. Not all instructors or TAs from my course section are listed as instructors in Argos.

      • You can see the Instructors who are registered in the Argos (Inspark course) by clicking Manage Section on the main Argos Torus page in your Canvas section.mceclip7.png
      • If you do not see all instructors listed as instructors in the Argos course, it is most likely because an instructor or TA has not yet accessed the Argos course from their Canvas section by clicking the Argos Torus link and then also clicked into the Argos course. This action will automatically create an instructor account for them in Argos and attached them to the correct Argos course. mceclip8.png
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